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Glasses VS Contacts

Glasses VS Contacts

Getting ready  for a Saturday night party, I opted to shed my glasses in an attempt to look more attractive for my husband of 20 plus years. Despite the fact that I rarely wear contacts, Joe didn’t … [Read More...]

Home Alone with Chocolate, Avocado and strawberry

Home Alone

The kids were gone and Joe was on a business trip. Home alone, for the first time in ages, I had the pleasure of experiencing the difference between alone time and lonely time. Lonely is a state of … [Read More...]

Store bought cut-offs.

I Don’t Get It

My parents probably said the same thing during my teen years that I’m uttering today as an adult. “I DON’T GET IT.” Back in the day, we worked hard to hand craft a worn out pair of cut-offs. Using … [Read More...]