Technology In The Bedroom

Technology enables us to personalize everything from our ring tone to Facebook page and even our side of the mattress. Meeting in the middle in love and relationships is a skill we are evolving out of, perhaps from living in an iWorld.

Technology in the bedroom

Adjustable bed from The Sleep Center Mattress Expert


On a recent trip to the mall with my mother and daughter, we were lured into a bedding store touting a place where dreams come true. To ensure blissful sleep, all one needs is an outlet to plug in an electronic mattress that can tilt, heat, cool or conform to your body mass, depending on the brand. They all come with two remote controllers enabling each bed partner to personalize their half of the bed; no clicker sharing necessary.


In all earnest, I ask the young salesperson how a couple can comfortably “spoon”  if there is a middle seam marking incompatible temperature or contour settings on the right and left sides? He didn’t get my drift and actually thought I was referring to sex when I said “spoon.”  What a nightmare sorting this out in front of my mom and teenager. I didn’t try to explain that spooning has a longer shelf life than sex, provided no one snores.


In life and love, sometimes our differences bring us closer together vs apart. Although having a temperature controlled side of the bed sounds appealing, it would also remove the need to warm my cold winter feet on my toasty husband. For now I’ll stick with our old-school pillow top mattress. It works even when there’s a power outage and encourages more WE  time, and less ME time. Just don’t mess with my laptop or cell phone during waking hours.

Brooke, Leslie, illustrator. The Golden Goose Book. London 1905.

P.S. – Goldilocks and “players” be warned. Your next bear may notice a mattress adjustment and ask, “who’s been sleeping on my side of the bed?”



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