What’s In The Box?

First, the journey that led to the Box.

This past February Monica, Kim and Andrea of the The Revelation Project, posted an online Valentine blog challenge, asking their readers to write and submit love letters to themselves. Initially it seemed like a sappy exercise until I realized that nothing came to me.  Although I’ve repeatedly failed at clearing my mind to meditate, I miraculously went totally blank trying to pen a love letter to myself. Despite the challenge I pulled a few sentences together and sheepishly forwarded a half-baked missive to Monica and the gals. Soon after, I received an unexpected surprise.

What's In THe Box?

Box of Love

Monica sent a Box of Love to the first submitters, recognizing their efforts for participating in the letter writing challenge. My box was filled with beautifully textured paper tags, images, a candle, ribbons, inspirational quotes, a feather, miniature cardboard cut outs, cool envelopes inside other envelopes, and random stuff that probably came from Monica’s crafting work station and drawers at home.

Box Of Love from Monica

The unwrapping, wondering why, touching, smelling, and exploring of everything artfully bundled into one package, evoked joy. My parcel even included lollipops tied together with red and white twine. The twine alone, brought on a flood of childhood memories when my mom would bring home goodies from the local bakery enclosed in a white box tied with that same iconic string. Unto themselves each item in Monica’s package may have appeared seemingly trivial, yet the sum of the parts equaled more than the whole. It genuinely felt like the real deal…. a Box of Love.

What’s in This Box?

Inspired by The Revelation Project, my daughter and I set out to create another Box of Love for our new baby cousin Chloe and her family.

What's In The Box?

Box of Love for Cousin Chloe xxxx

It was replete with kid centric goodies including a binky in the shape of ruby red lips, books, and items harvested from Monica’s original package. We added a few trinkets of our own. You could say we passed on love DNA  in this second generation box.

Chloe and her new binky.

Chloe and her new binky.


On a roll, I sent out 8 more cards brimming with tchtotchkes (nicnacks) pulled from Monica’s original treasure chest. For years I’ve collected rocks and shells from home and faraway places. I even have conch shells from the South pacific that my dad found during his service in WWII. Now when I look at all these beach combings from around the world, I think how meaningful it will be to include them in future LOVE packages (except for those coveted conch shells from “Popi”). They hold great memories, and like all treasures they need to be shared.

Lessons Learned

The little things in life have greater meaning when bundled together with good intentions.  You don’t have to break the bank to send a heart felt gift. Love is contagious…so pass it forward and bathe in the good feelings that come with receiving as well as giving.

The I Love You Often Proposition

The first 5 people who get back to me on this post, will receive their own little bundle of love from ILYO. I have no idea what will be in the packages other than a rock or shell. Just looking forward to the creative process and mailing feel-good “stuff” to friends and total strangers. In a perfect world, recipients will keep the love train going!

In Closing…

The gals behind The Revelation Project deserve the credit for coming up with the Box of Love vision. Monica, Kim and Andrea are also guides in an online photo-journaling workshop, RevealSpring, where the revelations keep coming.

No snark, sarcasm or humor today. Just supporting a fellow blogger’s joyful exercise, encouraging love to go viral.



  1. Patrice says

    I love this! That’s what it’s all about. All that creativity and heartfelt thoughtfulness!

  2. Liz Stone says

    Julie,I wondered if I could take the time to delve into your latest pondering while at work. Thanks for your great timing to brighten my day with this gesture that opens hearts and inspires. Love that you and and your mini you were inspired for Chloe. Chloe is lucky to have some great women in her life. And so am I my friend.

    • says

      Let’s keep “brightening” days for each other. A Box of Love will be coming your way very soon. Let me know in a private email if you want it to go to your home address or at work. I have to admit it was more fun unpacking all the goodie with company. xxxx

  3. says

    You really are a lOVE alchemist. LOL. You are just THE BEST. Thank you for your undying support, and your heartfelt LOVE. You made it all so worthwhile. Thank you for allowing me to make a contribution to your life. You are one of my favorite people on the planet. Spread the love- and it looks like you already are! Will share on TRP xoxoxoxo

    • says

      Thanks for setting this GRREAT idea in motion. I’m like a little kid waiting for Santa, except I’m Santa getting all excited about gifting total strangers. What a blast! I look forward to seeing where this love train takes all of us.

  4. says

    This is wonderful Julie! It reminded me, this is the year for me to pass on the Beautiful silver bowl, that you passed to me when you turned 50. That gift touched me very deeply and though I love it and I wondered how I would part with it, your Revelation Box reminded me, in the next couple of months it is time to pass to the next beautiful woman, to treasure until she turns 50. Tonight reading your blog, I knew immediately who to pass it to next. I think of you often, though you may not know, you have always been an inspiration to me and are to this day.
    Sending you buckets of Blessings
    xo (the Newport Mail-Lady)
    Cynthia Fontaine

    • says

      Wow Cynthia…you really touched me as well. Readers should know that Cynthia was THE mail person in our old neighborhood. She delivered GOOD news and bad news with a smile.
      Seeing that your life has been surrounded with packages, please email me your address so I can mail you a Box of Love from my new address. We haven’t seen one another in a VERY LONG time. Never knew that Cynthia,our US Postal service delivery person,would grow up to become a “healer.” Check this out http://www.cynthiafontaine.com.

  5. Gabrielle Eisenberg (Oma) says

    Every mother loves their daughter, but I also admire the wonderful woman that our daughter Julie has become. Julie truly makes a difference in the lives of others. I will add a box of goodies to her “love boxes” as I have collected little treasures through the years. It is time to pass them on.

  6. Val Ramsey says

    Color me stupid:-) I am wanting to continue this amf get that box of love sent onto the next person. Do I just post it from my FB mentioning your site with my pics and information.

    • says

      You can do anything you want. There are no rules. You can just create a Box of Love and send it to a friend, or post the story from ILYO on your Facebook page and ask if anyone knows of someone in need of a box of love. Julie

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