Spread Your Wings or Bite His Head Off

Despite popular belief, the female praying mantis does not always bite her mate’s head off during sex. Scientists have observed that this aggressive behavior coined, sexual cannibalism is more likely to happen in a terrarium or captivity, where the female praying mantis has no place to spread her wings after doing the wild thing. Afforded free will, it is believed that beheading her mate happens less than 30% of the time.

Spread your wings or bite his head off

Emotional captivity clearly elicits a similar human response where we womenfolk figuratively bite our mates’ heads off. If you aspire to attract and keep an Alpha male who is strong, confident and faces challenges “head on,” know that consistently attacking him will not work. This DOESN’T mean losing yourself and becoming a subservient docile partner. It just suggests we choose an alternative communication strategy or reassess the relationship.

Here’s where the study of insect behavior becomes weirdly familiar. The male praying mantis will continue to copulate after his head is bitten off. Apparently his brain is not connected to his “abdomen ganglion” that controls movement down below. Once Mr. Praying Mantis loses inhibition (centered in his brain), there is no reason to stop breeding. Meanwhile the female praying mantis makes a meal of her sperm donor’s protein-rich head to ensure stronger healthier eggs; a short term win-win proposition.

Spread Your Wings or Bite His head off.

Lost his head too!

Unproductive aggressive behavior, or sexual cannibalism, guarantees the worst kind of monogamy among insects and people too. Clearly we need to take lessons from nature, ensuring gals have full freedom to move in and out of the bedroom as well as the boardroom. Just spread your wings women!

Remember, I Love You Often…just not always requires a partner with a good head on his shoulders. When the going gets tough, reach for a chocolate alternative, instead of your honey. Besides…according to data on snopes.com, “Males are considered poor meals when compared to crickets.”



  1. Marc Estrich says

    This analysis does not take into account the autoeroticism on the part of the male mantis. This could be the result of a consensual business arrangement between the two mantisi or mantisisisis. I tried to ask David Carradine about it but he was…….tied up. Same as Don Knotts.

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